Characteristics of Mode, Median and Mean

No. Mode Median Mean
It is the most frequent value in the distribution; it is the point of greatest density.
It is the value of the middle point of the array (not midpoint of range), such that half the item are above and half below it.
It is the value in a given aggregate which would obtain if all the values were equal.
The value of the mode is established by the predominant frequency, not by the value in the distribution.
The value of the media is fixed by its position in the array and doesn't reflect the individual value.
The sum of deviations on either side of the mean are equal; hence, the algebraic sum of the deviation is equal zero.
It is the most probable value, hence the most typical.
The aggregate distance between the median point and all the value in the array is less than from any other point.
It reflect the magnitude of every value.
A distribution may have 2 or more modes. On the other hand, there is no mode in a rectangular distribution.
Each array has one and only one median.
An array has one and only one mean.
The mode does not reflect the degree of modality.
It cannot be manipulated algebraically: medians of subgroups cannot be weighted and combined.
Means may be manipulated algebraically: means of subgroups may be combined when properly weighted.
It cannot be manipulated algebraically: modes of subgroups cannot be combined.
It is stable in that grouping procedures do not affect it appreciably.
It may be calculated even when individual values are unknown, provided the sum of the values and the sample size n are known.
It is unstable that it is influenced by grouping procedures.
Value must be ordered, and may be grouped, for computation.
Values need not be ordered or grouped for this calculation.
Values must be ordered and group for its computation.
It can be compute when ends are open
It cannot be calculated from a frequency table when ends are open.
It can be calculated when table ends are open.
It is not applicable to qualitative data.
It is stable in that grouping procedures do not seriously affected it.


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