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In the past, we will spend our budget to advertise through banner ads, direct emails, and affiliate programs. However, the response rate is extremely low in response rates or click-thru rates (CTRs). Sometimes, we will even get as low as 0.03 to 0.05% (the industry average?). With all the money you spent, you will only get a slightly better than zero response rate. What can you do to increase the values of your advertising dollars?

Today I would like to introduce some of the latest online advertising trends that include the coolest and smartest technologies to track your response rates and maximize your advertising dollars.

1. Adsenger -- The Most Powerful 2-Way Media Channel *****
Tired of sending out emails with no results? Check out Adsenger's this powerful 2-way media channel that connects over 290,000 members in more than 199 countries.

Adsenger (http://www.adsenger.com/marketing.asp) is the world's only online marketing communication company that promises 100% audience attention. How? Adsenger has a patented 2-way direct media channel that allows the company to send out INSTADs (Instant Text-based Ads) and Flash Ads with a research component. Advertisers can include a feedback question with their Flash animated ads to learn about their online audience's purchasing preference.

With a double-looped incentive model, Adsenger guarantees 100% ad views (or GAVs = Guaranteed Ad Views) and highly targeted lists based on demographics, shopping behaviors, and personal interests.

Instead of paying for CPM, CPC, CPA, or CPP, now you only pay for the ads that are viewed by your target audience. Check out their ad gallery for some cool samples http://www.adsenger.com/adgallery.asp

At the same time, Adsenger ads have a hidden and powerful "viral marketing" function. Members can freely forward their favorite Flash animated ads to their friends.

My favorite part is that Adsenger provides a 24/7 online access to check out real time statistics on the CTR and the research responses.

In terms of price, these Adsenger ads are very affordable. INSTADs are priced at $0.10 each and Flash ads are priced at $0.50 to $1.00 each based on the duration in seconds and the number of research questions.

2. EyeWonder --Streaming Audio and Video Emails ***
Now you can send out not just text-based emails, but also streaming emails with audio and video files embedded inside. Your online audience will have a chance to experience a live TV-like show, ranged from some live product demos to some company overviews from a real person.

EyeWonder (http://www.eyewonder.com) is a company that creates TV-like video impressions based on a CPM (Cost Per Thousands) model. It is an effective tool to build branding image for your company. This kind of streaming audio and video emails will also be a great way to launch short online training sessions or special event announcements.

In any case, just remember to check if your online target audience has high enough bandwidth to download and view these streaming ads at anywhere at anytime.

Overall, the latest online advertising trends are exciting and limitless. Companies are started to launch many new ad campaigns with some leading edge technologies that can help you to leverage the operational costs and maximize your advertising dollar values. Try out some of these technologies and let me know what you think.

About the Author

Vivian W. Y. Lee is the founder and principal e-Business and Marketing Consultant at Global MCN (http://www.globalmcn.com) based in Vancouver, BC. She is also a lecturer teaching Internet Marketing and E-Commerce at several educational institutions. She writes and speaks about e-business and Internet marketing topics.
(Her email: Vivian@globalmcn.com)

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Emerging Marketing Trends

Emerging Marketing Trends

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