PowerPoint To Flash – A New Trend In Business Presentation

PowerPoint to Flash – A new trend in Business Presentation

 by: Susan Zheng

Business presentation is a key part of commercial life. How to present your products or even yourself in the best shape to the promising purchasers or employers is absolutely an art. Today you can find some many tips and tricks on the Internet preparing you how to give a successful presentation, analyzing almost from every aspect possibly involved. I’m not going to repeat those tips, as a PowerPoint presentation Instructor, It’s the developmental trend of PowerPoint that I am concern about.

The new trend is Convert-PowerPoint-PowerPoint-to-Flash, many people may question about its novelty, after all, it’s not a new emerging idea but take off just in last two year. The way why it’s in fashion now is due to Flash incomparable unique streaming technology. We can summarize the reasons as follows:

1. Reduce Size and Email Ready

If you are using PowerPoint presentation frequently in your work, you must feel to be hindered by its bulky size every now and then, which holds you back from any distribution. Now with PowerPoint to Flash, that kind of problem will be eliminated automatically. The converted flash presentation is absolutely a better option for emailing due to its smaller size; it will not clog your partner inbox.

2. Greater and Easier Accessibility for Viewers

The converted Flash presentations can be easily viewed in any Internet Browsers. For most of Browsers have already had Flash Plug-ins installed, so you can email the convert Flash file to your friends directly without worrying whether they have PowerPoint Software installed on their computers. And thanks to its smaller, streaming media format you can just post it on websites or Intranets to share with other people.

3. Keep all original effects in PowerPoint presentation

Convert PowerPoint to Flash will keep all original effects in your PowerPoint presentation without any distortion. After converting your PowerPoint presentation to flash files, you will be surprised to find that the result is amazing; all the original effects are remain unchanged. With this knowledge in mind, you can just go ahead and enjoy it!

4. Secure

PowerPoint files are editable by anyone else who has PowerPoint installed on their machine. Not so for Flash files which allow you to maintain a higher degree of control on your content if you wish to.

5. Firewall Friendliness

Flash-based content has no problem going through firewalls as it behaves just like standard Web content.

There are two ways to convert PowerPoint to Flash, manually or automatically. Doing it manually could be a real toil and the quality can’t be guaranteed. There are some popular software on the markets can help you through the whole conversion procession easily

SameShow PowerPoint to Flash Converter


Quickly converts your presentations to the Macromedia Flash format with two conversion modes: Standalone Mode and PowerPoint Plug-in Mode. This is one of the highest quality converters out there with most affordable price. The converted Flash file is smaller, secure, and in a streaming media format that's ideal for posting presentations to Web sites, intranets or self-running CD-ROMs.you can take that same converted presentation and embed it in emails and/or deliver it online through a Web conference.

More Info: http://www.sameshow.com/other/powerpoint-to-flash-good.html

Free Trial: http://www.download.com/SameShow/3000-2075_4-10432924.html

Price: USD $ 49.95 ( Personal License) $ 99.95 (Business License)

Articulate Presenter


Reduce time, complexity and cost of creating custom Flash presentations and e-learning courses. Articulate Presenter lets non-technical users create rich-media presentations by integrating narration and interactivity with a standard PowerPoint® file. With the press of the button, your presentation transforms into a compelling Flash experience. No need to rely on expensive Flash programmers. With Articulate Presenter, anyone can get professional-quality results in minutes.


Free trial: http://www.articulateglobal.com/store/trial_form.html

Price: USD $ 499 (standard) and $699 (pro)

PointeCast Publisher (formerly Wanadu)


An increasingly popular and cost-effective alternative to Breeze, Wanadu is a Turns PowerPoint presentations into high quality and interactive Flash presentations. It works with PowerPoint 2000 and later versions. The software (depending on the edition) allows you to record narration, add background audio, edit audio, playback tools, view notes from the PowerPoint presentation, time tracking and various e-learning tools.

15-day Trial: http://tinyurl.com/cul5m

Price: USD $ 99 (lite), $299 (regular), and $499 (professional)

About The Author

Susan Zheng writes, teaches, trains and consults on business and professional presentations and eCommerce related matters.

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PowerPoint to Flash – A new trend in Business Presentation

Business presentation is a key part of commercial life. How to present your products or even yourself in the best shape to the promising purchasers or employers is absolutely an art. Today you can fi...

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