Tough Nuts Marketing: A New Trend Among List Owners

List owners aren't going to take it anymore.

I'm seeing more and more list owners stand up
and tell the subscribers complaining to them, "You're
on my list, either buy what I offer or get off now."

Is that too tough of a stance to take?

Maybe. But a few weeks ago a woman I know
mailed a relevant offer to her list. She immediately
received complaints. And threats. One subscriber
said he/she would report her to the SPAM cops.

My friend panicked. She called her ISP and
explained her situation, that she simply mailed
a relevant offer to her opt-in subscribers.

In my opinion, she took a wimpy stance.

Contrast her experience with this one:

Recently I received the following email from
Stuart Wilde, a wild new agey author who I once had
breakfast with, interviewed and greatly admire for his
message and his level of success. Here's his email -

"Hi, this is Stuie Wilde.

"I am writing to you because you are on my special
A-list. I want you to know that my latest book, God's
Gladiators is now out in paperback ($13.95, plus p&h).

"It's COMPULSORY for everyone on the A-LIST to buy
at least one copy. Now, if you can't afford it I
completely understand but that is no excuse. The good
news is you don't have to read the book-you can always
have us post it directly to someone you don't like,
after you have paid for it of course.

"You've got until the end of May but anyone after
that who hasn't bought the book will be REMOVED from
the A-list. The idea is that if you are too lazy or
too stingy to part with $13.95 then it's best that I
don't put a lot of effort into helping you along.

"Thank you so much. Please send your orders right

I smiled as I read Stuart's "do it or die" message.

I believe his "tough nuts" stance is the way of the
future. It's either that or be run over by subscribers
who forgot they subscribed or are just having a bad
day and want to take it out on someone: You.

I heard the same sentiment when one sales genius
and author told me he has a list of 40,000 names. When
I asked him if he gets many flames, he said no. When I
probed for more details, he said, "I'm giving these
people free advice and bargain-basement offers. If
they don't like it, *I'LL* un-subscribe them."

And I know another list owner who said, "I make it
clear: If people don't like what I send them, I WANT
them off my list. And if they complain, I'll TAKE them
off my list."

It sounds like a recipe for creating a small list.

But the more I think about it, the more I like it.
You may end up with a small list, but the list will be
valuable. Every person on it will be gold. After all,
size really doesn't matter.

I'm on Stuart Wilde's list, and I intend to stay
on it. If that means buying one of his books, so be it.
I'll buy. (And I did.)

Sometimes we sellers and list owners have to be
tough. Don't let customers push you around. If they
complain and bicker and it seems unjustified, delete
them. You don't need them.

The ones who stay will help make you rich.

Just ask Stuart Wilde.

About the Author

Dr. Joe Vitale is author of numerous books,
including the #1 best-seller "Spiritual Marketing,"
the best-selling e-book, "Hypnotic Writing," and the
best-selling Nightingale-Conant audioprogram, "The
Power of Outrageous Marketing." His newest book is
"The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History,"
available now at Sign up for his
famous free newsletter at

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