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Advertising on the internet.

For every hundred people who read your headline, only about twenty will carry on to read the first paragraph.

Of those twenty, about five will read to the end of the text.

Of those five, perhaps one or two will carry on to press the 'buy now' button.

What can we do to improve on these figures?


This is equivalent to the high street shop window. It is designed to entice you into the shop to see what is on offer. Or in your case, to get them to read the first paragraph.

It must grab the attention at a glance. There are certain words that will help do this. 'FREE' is one of the best. Followed by others such as, 'CASH. HELP' Etc. Study some of the adverts that have caught your eye. What was it that attracted your attention?

A little study in this direction will pay for its self many times over.


This should elaborate upon the headline and state the main benefit of your offer.


This should continue explaining the benefits of the product. How and in what way will the readers be better off if only they had it.

Will it improve their income prospects? Will it make them more desirable to the opposite sex? Will it help them lose weight?


This should enforce what is in the first paragraph, explaining the downside of not having what you are offering. Explain the product itself. Prove how inexpensive it is. Tell them what it costs. Show them how easy it is to order and pay for it.

Don't ever ask your prospects to buy. Tell them. "Buy now. Click here." Give them a time limit. "Buy before midnight for this special offer. Only x/number at this price." I am sure you have got the idea.

Give them as many payment options as you can. The more options the more sales.

Study other peoples' adverts that work. Compare them with your own. See how you can improve your adverts. Follow the experts. They know what they are doing.

Nothing is perfect, try to get as near as you can.

Whatever you do, publish the very best headline that you can devise. No matter how compelling your text is, if they don't read the headline you will never make the sale.

If I have got you seriously thinking about the composition of your adverts, I have achieved my object.

Get stuck in and make lots of money.

Wishing you all the best. ...Bob...

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