The Magic And Science Of Statistics And Sales.

This article was orginally written to teach my
members how to get ISP clients, but you can use
it for almost any business that you are in.

The magic and science of statistics and sales.

when I was on the phone as a telemarketer, I discovered
something very important.

If I kept my activity regular, that is if I worked the same
amount of time each day, and if I was in good health, I could
come to depend my income upon numbers.

I proved this theory over and over, not only to myself, but
having hundreds of telemarketers do the same thing.

Each day I would keep track of how many contacts I made. Not
calls, contacts.

A contact would be actually speaking with someone that could
make a decision.

If you are calling businesses, the person answering the phone
is not always the one that can make your decision you need, so
that would not count as a contact.

At the time, I was able to sell one product for every contacts
I made. As time went by, I kept reading books on sales, self
motivation, etc. and eventually improved my closing ratio on
this same product to 1 sale for every 3.47 contacts.

To have a dependable income, I knew at the time what my ratio
of sales were for the time.

At my peak with this product, I knew that if I wanted to earn
$800.00 for the week, I had to make 400 presentations each week.

At the end of every week, my closing ratio would not vary more
than a fraction of a presentation. Some weeks it would be 1
in 3.47 or 3.24 or 3.30. It seldom varied much more than that.

Wouldn't you like to know that when you pick up that phone,
and get a no, you are now only 2.24 presentations away from
a yes?


I discovered that I could only depend on these numbers if:

1. I was in good health.
2. I put in the same amount of activity each day.
3. I kept track of my contacts.
4. I did not worry about the day to day ratios, the
only one that counted was at the end of the week.

Some days the ratio would bounce from 1 to 1
and some days 1 to 10.

But I discovered, that over a weeks period of
time, I got overall for the week, the very same
ratio I counted on, week after week.

I suspect that since you are just starting out
that your ratio on finding businesses that want
website hosting will be 1 in 10. If that is your
ratio, then you can learn to depend on it.

If you are keeping track of your ratios, you can
also improve yourself to get a better ratio!

To prove this system, I started a non existant
telemarketing company from nothing, no sales
people, and started hiring and teaching my

Within 2 years, I had 1000 salespeople working
out of our offices, grossing 10 million dollars
a year.

I ran that business for 7 years and then retired.


This is why we will request you to keep
track of businesses that say yes or no.

Write the name of each business you contact,
and beside it write

1. No Contact, (That means
you did not talk to a decision maker. If you
talked to the receptionist, but that person
was not a decision maker, that is a no contact),


2. Turn Down. (That means you did talk to
the decision maker, but they said no),


3. SIGN UP. (That means they buy a website hosting
package from you).


4. Call Back. (You talked to someone that wants
you to call back, that person may or may not be
a decision maker).

At the end of each day count how many Turn Downs
and how many SIGN UPs you have. The others
DO NOT count toward your ratio.

You will notice wide ratio swings each day,
but when you total them up at the end of each
week, you will notice that soon your weekly
average will be about the same.

We have a form on a website that we want you to
enter your TURN DOWNS and SIGN UPS, so we can
help you keep track of this, and let you compare
with the other salesperson.

ONCE YOU KNOW YOUR RATIO, At the begginning
of every week, you can decide how many
SALES you are going to get!!

If you know your ratio is 1 in 10, and this
week you want 50 sales, you know you
have to do 500 contacts!!


About the Author

Owner of P.E.E.L. Inc., has helped over 500 people set up their own local ISP business. Tim's information is published on Audio Cds and teaches at local seminars. You can get more information at or send a blank email here: mailto:[email protected] If you like home spun stories go to

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